Grape FLOAT - light and acoutics in harmony

Grape FLOAT - light and acoutics in harmony

Designed by Christian Nygaard and Frank Andersen for Grape
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As the ceiling in a room usually has plenty of room for acoustic absorbents, it’s typically suitable for acoustics from the top down. The same goes for lighting, and Team Grape has developed the Grape Float – an intuitive hybrid that flexibly couples light and acoustic regulation in one harmonious solution.

Each acoustic fleet of 24 mm thick felt can accommodate up to four black lamps that come in two variants – a reversible one that allows you to alternate between direct and indirect light, and an adjustable spotlight for the highlight off setting, e.g. suitable for decorative building elements or pictures, both easy to reconfigure without professional assistance. With the Grape Float, light and acoustics merge into one scalable solution that always meets the need, which is both convenient and good for the economy.

Trash Hero delivers 60 plastic bottles to each fleet of felt board

Our subcontractor of acoustic felt boards collaborates with the global movement Trash Hero, which among other things collects plastic waste in the wild. Therefore, a Grape Float acoustic plate contains approx. 60 used plastic bottles.


The Grape Float is 1,180 x 590 x 24 mm. Suspended between 100 to 400 mm from the ceiling, it is an effective Class A absorbent. Each lamp has an LED board with a brightness of 1,000 lumens, the colour temperature is 3,000 K, and the colour rendering is CRI 90+. The photos feature the Grape Float in the dark gray standard colour, but the felt plate also comes in 19 different colours and can be delivered within a few weeks. The lamps are powder coated black.