Grape TILES acoustic wall decorations

Grape TILES acoustic wall decorations

Designed by Morten Voss & Troels Øder Hansen for Grape
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The Grape Tile's acoustic wall covering brings traditional slate roofs to mind with its design language and rounded shapes – which are important parts of Grape's DNA – and contribute to a calming and inspiring environment.

Each felt plate is 12 mm thick, but seeing as a large part of the Grape Tile’s surface overlaps, the same excellent absorption is obtained as with the 24 mm thick plates. In addition, the plates are angled in such a way the remaining reflected sound is thrown back at an upward angle offering additional noise reduction.

The Grape Tile sports a simple design that’s very versatile in use and therefore suitable for all environments – from the corporate conference room to the private living room with too much “noise feedback”, or when the home office is too noisy for conference calls.

Grape TILES is made from nine recycled plastic bottles per tile

Our subcontractor of the acoustic felt boards collaborates with the global movement Trash Hero, which among other things, collects littered plastics. Therefore, each tile contains approx. nine recycled plastic bottles.


Each tile is 390 x 590 x 12 mm. We offer 6 suspensions that combine 3, 4 or 7 columns with respectively 3 and 4 rows. Please ask for other configurations